Large numbers of people suffer from or have suffered from occasional digestive disorders. The most common ones are constipation, indigestion, gastric reflux and bloating.

What can Zespri® Kiwifruit do to solve this problem?
The key to the benefits of Zespri® kiwifruit for digestive health lies in the fibre and actinidin content found in Zespri Green Kiwifruit.

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Is it true that gram for gram, Zespri Green Kiwifruit contains 2x the fibre of pineapples and 15% more fibre than bananas ?

It has been found that the fibre in Zespri Green Kiwifruit has a high water absorption capacity, thereby creating larger and softer stools that are easier to pass through our intestines.

Zespri Green Kiwifruit contains a protease enzyme
called actinidin which helps in the digestion of
various food proteins.

Clinical studies shows that bowel functions improved significantly with the consumption of 2 Zespri Green Kiwifruit daily for 28 days.

The fibre in Zespri Green Kiwifruit bulks up in your stomach, thus increasing the sense of fullness and reducing the hunger pangs between meals.

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